I have had exactly two vehicles in my lifetime. An old Pontiac Grand Am and an even older Ford Ranger. And not in that order. Those cars came to me out of fate, family sympathy and a desperation to have something that moved on four wheels.

Now that I have two children, the Pontiac was anything but ideal. There was no room with the carseats, no space in the trunk (the double stroller was such a tight fit it was ridiculous) and it was highly unsafe. It also was ready to have some repairs done that would have cost more than the actual value of the car.

So, Matt and I decided it was time for a new family vehicle. So here is what we got...

I said a long time ago that I would never, ever own a minivan. I said this because I refuse to ever become a soccer mom. Just the thought of it gives me a migraine that even Excedrin won't cure. My kids and their bratty little friends piling into my van so I can shuttle them around while they kick the back of my seats with muddy soccer cletes and spray Capri Suns all over the place. And that's before I have to sit through the boring soccer game.

I still plan on avoiding the soccer mom status at all costs. I'm hoping my boys will like baseball. However, the minivan still won when we started looking for our new car. The van is really the only thing that you can get if you are planning on hauling around three car seats at once sometime in the future (yep, three). It also has tons of space and storage and the kids can see out the window from their carseats (something they couldn't do in the Pontiac).

And the best part? We got one with a DVD player so if the kids get really bored, we can stop the whining with a movie. Kamryn is really starting to enjoy the Genesis concert DVD's we have, so I don't have to listen to so much "Yo Gabba Gabba!" anymore. Still thanking my lucky stars that he's becoming a Phil fan!

The most amazing thing is, I actually love it. Maybe that's more because it's the nicest and newest vehicle I've ever owned. More importantly, I have peace of mind when I strap them into their carseats because I know they are much safer now. It's comforatble too. With the DVD and all the cupholders, it's kind of like taking your living room with you wherever you go.
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