I have pictures of both of my sons holding crazy weapons as babies. Let me just point out that all the props are 100% fake. Still, does anyone else think this is just a little bit weird? I do.

Seriously, we are not freaks. And I have pretty good explainations for the photos. The first photo is a publicity shot that our family took for the film, Red Velvet. Unfortuately, if you don't count my Uncle Hiro, that photo is probably the closest we will ever come to Hollywood. Most likely because we are dorky enough to all dress up as a family in Green Lantern gear...and then go out in public. (For those of you who don't know, my husband is a huge comic book geek)

The second photo is an accident. Kamryn gave Bronx a play knife from his kiddie kitchen as I was getting ready to take a nice picture of the baby smiling in his little Prince Lionheart seat. Thanks to my toddler and his gracious ability to share toys with his brother, I now have a photo of Bronx looking like a tiny maniac.

Well, if they ever want to make The Addams Family into a reality show, maybe we could try out.
I'm probably going to wish that I had saved this post for October.
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