A Look Back

2009. It started off great, turned miserable, got worse, got better and then ended with the lamest New Year's Eve I think I've ever had.

Here's a breakdown of what happened:

We found out 7 days into 2009 that we were pregnant again. That was great news considering that I had just passed my due date for the baby that we had lost the month before.

Within the first few weeks of the pregnancy I ended up with hyperemesis. At-home nursing care and a Reglan pump became a significant part of my life by February.

In March, things got worse. A very dear friend of ours, Chris Abeyta was killed while serving our country in Afghanistan. He received a true hero's homecoming, and my husband, my friends and I all said goodbye to a great soldier and an ever better man.

In April, my youngest sister got married and I got to do the classiest thing ever. Be a pregnant bridesmaid.

And Kamryn got to be the ringbearer. What a great excuse for a toddler freakout.

In May, we had a horrible scare. I started bleeding and went into premature labor at 22 weeks into my pregnancy. It turned out to be a low-lying placenta. It had gotten a tear which caused the bleeding and contractions. The labor was stopped with medication.

In June, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes two days before my husband went on a trip to China and Japan. I was left alone for two whole weeks. Seven months pregnant and a toddler clinging to my leg. What was dear hubby doing over in Asia? Pretending to be a ninja. If he wasn't such a good husband, I'd still be using that trip to blackmail him by guilt.

All that specialized martial arts training, and I can still take him in a fight. What a shame.

August was more eventful than we thought it was going to be. Bronx was born 5 weeks early, with no warning, on our 4th wedding anniversary. Greatest present ever. But the hospital stay was full of uncertainity and anxiety. His lungs were underdeveloped and there was even a scare about his heart. Click here to read his birth story...
The rest of the year has been a blur. Taking care of the kids has kept me busy, sleepless and up to my elbows in dirty diapers. Matt and I didn't want to take a chance and end up like the Duggars, so I opted to go on a pill that's comapatible with breastfeeding. It made me clinically insane for about five weeks until I figured out it was the reason my husband was about two minutes away from finding me a nice padded cell and a matching straightjacket. The pills went in the trash can and I became somewhat normal again.

Then, the holidays came. After a frenzied day of flying wrapping paper and bows, the boys ended up with a gazillon toys and we got a Wii. Matt got angry because the Fit Plus program called him overweight. I became fearful of the potential damage that 44 cans of  Play-Doh could do to my house. To make matters a little more blah, the kids ended up sick (with some sort of bug that lasted for almost three whole weeks) and I spent New Year's Eve at an overcrowded doctor's office. That night, Matt fell asleep early and I sat on the computer all night by myself working on the design for the Team Bronx March for Babies shirts.

2010 is full of promise, though. Matt will graduate from school soon with his Master's degree and we hope that he can find a better job. If not, let's keep our fingers crossed that we win the lottery.
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