Land of Confusion

Drumsticks from my very first
Phil Collins concert. Circa 1994.

I found out today that my lifelong hero, Phil Collins, has lost his ability to play the drums. For most people, this probably wouldn't be such a setback.

Phil Collins has let his heart beat through his drums for almost his entire life.

I've seen him perform live four times in my life. Three during solo tours and once with Genesis during the 2007 reunion. The guy is amazing. And he can wail on a set of drums like nobody's business.

Seriously, who doesn't beat out the drum solo to In the Air Tonight on their steering wheel when that song comes on the radio? Okay, maybe that's just me...but you all know the beat. You are playing it out in your head right now.

I imagine that he is at a total loss right now. And it makes me unbelievably sad to know that I will have to put in an old concert DVD if I ever want to see him play again.

His talent is now trapped inside a body that cannot cooperate. My sister said it best when she compared it to "having a million dollars, but not being able to spend it."

In case you were never able to see him live, I have posted a video of him in action. I hope that someday he will be able to go back to doing what he loves best.

Life is so ironic sometimes.
Click here to read the original news article about Phil Collins.
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