Never Hire an Attractive Nanny...or OB/GYN.

The doctor's appointment went by fast yesterday. We finally met the new doctor that was added to the practice after Kamryn's arrival, and she looks just like that actress from Coyote Ugly and Cheaper by the Dozen, except the doctor looks like she has a really good tan. Just in case you don't have a crazy movie obsession like my husband and I, I've provided a visual aid of said actress, Piper Perabo.

This wasn't supposed to be a problem, until I pointed out the uncanny resemblance to my husband. He replied with this: "Yeah, I know. She's pretty hot. I'd do her. You know, if I WERE SINGLE and if she..." Okay, blah blah, whatever. I stopped listening at this point because a horrifying possibility had dawned on me at that moment.

What if SHE was the doctor on call when I delivered?

Oh No! Images of me in labor, all sweaty and contorted with pain while pushing a baby out of my nether regions flashed through my head. While my husband standing at my beside, is undressing the sexy doctor in his mind. What an FML moment.

Then, as I tried to burn that visual out of my brain forever, I realized that I have only a one-in-three chance of having that particular doctor during the delivery, and even if she is the one on call, I'm sure Matt will be way too distracted with the baby and the birth to even think twice about what kind of underwear the doctor is wearing underneath her white coat. Okay, moving on...

Anyways, I had my glucose screening lab drawn and the results should be back by Monday. I also found out that they aren't planning on checking my placenta until later on (around the 32nd week) because I haven't had any more bleeding. No one seems all that concerned about it, so I'm guessing everything is probably okay at this point. And now that I'm at 26 weeks, I have to start going to the doctor every two weeks. Yay! We're at the homestretch!
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