Panic Attack.

Yesterday was one of the scariest days ever. Matt and I went to see the doctor early in the morning for a routine prenatal visit. Everything went great. I went home, fed Kamryn breakfast, and we both went down for a short nap. When I woke up, I went to the bathroom and started bleeding. Bad. So I frantically called Matt to come home from work and I phoned the doctor's office to find out what they wanted me to do. I was also starting to have cramps, so the nurse there told me to go straight to Labor & Delivery at the hospital. I was shaken up on the way there, but I could still feel the baby kicking, so that eased my fears a little bit.

When we got to the hospital, I was admitted immediately to the maternity unit. The first nurse tried to hook me up to the fetal heart monitor, but couldn't find any tones. (It turns out that it is very difficult to find heart tones on a 22 weeker using that kind of monitoring, but do you think she told me that? No, I was just lying there wondering what the hell could be going on. Nightmare.)

Shortly after that, I was sent down to radiology, where they did an ultrasound on the baby. He was doing fine and had a good heart rate at 144 BPM. Thank god. We also ended up getting a second confirmation on the sex, which helped to distract me temporarily from all the anxiety. He is definitely a boy. I saw the proof. And now we have a money shot to go along with all the rest of our sonograms.

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The ultrasound tech also discovered that I have a low-lying placenta. In addition to that, when I got back to my room and was hooked up to the monitoring equipment, they also discovered that I was having contractions. I was terrified. I had stopped bleeding by then, but the contractions felt pretty strong and were all over the place. The nurse gave me two shots of medication to stop the contractions, but it caused me to have a highly elevated heart rate and non-stop jitters. It was like drinking a few gallons of coffee. Turns out it had the same effect on the baby. He started moving around like crazy and his heart rate increased to 177. Poor little guy.

The contractions finally settled down and I was given the option of staying overnight for further observation, or I could go home. I decided that my bed was more comfortable, so I opted to leave. The doctor explained that I'm pretty much on house arrest at this point and I have to take it super easy. He thinks that I may have had a small tear in the placenta that caused the bleeding. The tear probably occurred because the placenta is in such a low position. He also said the the bleeding may have been an irritant that caused the contractions. So, I have to be really careful because he explained that if I tear again the bleeding is less likely to stop and I'm nowhere near far enough along for delivery if something goes awry.

Here's hoping that the placenta moves up more so I don't have any more scares.
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